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Monsters of the Underworld

Gummy Bear Collar Chain

Gummy Bear Collar Chain

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Feeling fancy and nostalgic today my dear? We’ve got just what you need. A little pop of bright color, some bears for your sweet tooth, and chain for magick. 

This handmade Gummy Bear Collar Chain is a fantastic choice to accessorize any outfit you’d like to add a little bit of pop to. It could match your bright eye makeup, your nails, your silk gloves, your subterranean heart. 

Gummy Bears are all designed, molded, and cast in resin by us. Everything is hand assembled by us. 

Each Gummy Bear has a pin backing to pin into your collar or lapel. 

Fun Fact: These Gummy Bears were originally designed and made to be a part of the 14 ft tall Gummy Bear Pyramid Light Art Installation that we built in 2017.

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